Truck Accident

A big rig or other large truck causes eight percent of all fatal car crashes in the US each year. The massive size and weight of these trucks put others in danger of catastrophic injuries and destructive accidents involving multiple vehicles. Truck drivers are on the road for long hours, leading to extreme fatigue. This can cause an accident that could have otherwise been avoided if the driver had been more awake and alert on the road. An accident of this sort can leave you feeling scared and alone, wondering where to turn for help.

Many truck accidents are caused by:

– An overloaded truck
– Loose cargo
– Faulty truck parts or brakes
– System safety failure
– Transportation of hazardous material
– Failure to properly inspect and maintain trucks
– Extreme weather conditions

What do you do after being involved in a trucking accident?

The first step to take is to seek medical attention for you and the others around you. If you were not injured in the accident, it would be useful to your case to take photos of the surrounding damage.

Be sure to consult us before providing any police office or insurance company with a statement. Multiple parties could be responsible for the accident including the driver of the truck, trucking company, or the manufacturer of the defective auto part. It is important to have a lawyer fully investigate the accident before admitting to something you were not responsible for.

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